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About my work of art "Bliss" in the open air for the Sidhadorp, which exists 25 years.

English summary

Sidha Village (Sidhadorp) Lelystad, Flevoland, Nederland, exists 25 years. In this special Village meditators live who have learned theTranscendental Meditation Technique™ from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Miep Bos, she is an artist, who lives with her family in the village and is one of the first inhabitants had the opinion that it was time for a happy and colourful work of art in the open air in Sidha Village itself. She designed this in 2008.She named it “Bliss”. After she had made many designs it turned out to be an artwork with an acacia tree, and a little happy dancing gulfing fence and two kinds of mosaic.The golden coloured fence is made by an old fashion smith from Germany, Michael Raum. On the fence there are flower ornaments and a lotus flower and on top of the lotus flower in beautiful characters the name of Maharishi and on the other side “Jai Guru Dev”. There are 4 cans on top of the fence, those work on their own when its rains. The cans refer to the saying of Maharishi: “Water the root to enjoy the fruit".The beautiful mosaic upon the circle is made by Mrs. Janneke Monshouwer from Bussum . In the space between the fence and the circle 4 beautiful made tills of 60 x 60 cm with another beautiful mosaic lay, made by Mrs. Corette van Boxtel from Lelystad. The company Knipscheer from Lelystad is excecuting the art work. It is located in the Rivierenlaan in Lelystad, in the middle of Sidhadorp. The opening is on 2nd of August 2010 at 14.00 h by an Alderman of the City of Lelystad, Mr.R. Luchtenveld and one of the first inhabitants of Sidhadorp, Mr.Paul Vaessen. Everyone is cordially invited to come to the opening. Also see the videos. at www.miepbos.nl .

See also the text at the site of de Krant van Flevoland and look at their agenda for the opening of the work of art Bliss and for some photos, text also in English.

Also see the videos below.

All info: Miep Bos, www.miepbos.nl , miep@miepbos.nl

See the leaflet here. (pdf).



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